We provide an authentic, safe and loving environment in which you can experience the healing and therapeutic power of various experienced based methods.

After years of experience, our retreats (see calendar) are carefully conducted.

In our retreats we use methods that will help you reconnect with your body, your heart and your soul and to dis-cover your Nature.

Breathwork, self-reflection, expression, ritual, bodywork, slowing down, movement and dance, being in nature, and meditation will help you connect with yourself, your inner world and with others.

We work together with a very experienced, professional and loving team. We have facilitated hundreds of people from all over the world for over twelve years now.

We offer coaching, focused on integration after a retreat, as well.


Geke Dijkstra is the founder of the organization.

She has a rich background.

Geke Dijkstra has a degree in Clinical psychology and Transpersonal therapy and is trained in Breathwork, Bodywork, Voice Dialogue and Internal Family Systems (level 1). 

Besides being a workshop leader, therapist and coach, she is a loving wife, loving mother and lives with her family and 3 cats in the Netherlands.

Geke has a passion for working with people and for increasing awareness and consciousness. 

Her way of working is experience-based.

The connection between body and mind/spirit is essential. Spirituality is grounded in your body, which has her own deep wisdom.

The qualities of Geke lie in being present with an open heart. In sharing her wisdom and experience so others can tap into their own wisdom. In seeing the beauty and essence in people. In helping people reconnect with their joy in living.

Participants and colleagues describe her as: clear, pure, present, feminine, joyful, soft, direct, powerful, compassionate, open-minded, loving, experienced, curious, inspiring, having a sense of humor, a natural and serving leader.

With its nature, pure energy, and kind and welcoming people, Portugal especially has a place in Geke’s heart. She loves working in this beautiful country.


Our purpose of the way we work and the way we facilitate is for you to welcome all parts of yourself in a loving and compassionate way.

Our work is about relating and connecting; first with yourself and from there also with others.

You will find that the more you get to know and start to relate in a loving way to your inner world, a deep transformation will happen and the relations you have with others will profoundly change.

The connection with your body is an important portal in the process of awareness; that is why body work as well as breathwork are an essential key in our way of working.

The more you become aware of yourself (your emotions, your way of reacting, survival mechanisms, your body, your mind, your spirit), the more freedom of choice you will experience.

We provide a warm, welcoming and safe setting in which you are able to relax, open up and expand your consciousness; key essentials for deep inner work. When your system is contracted, transformation and expansion cannot take place.

We as a team are capable of carrying our own processes, and we are willing and able to reflect upon ourselves. We have embodied a firm inner grounding; this will help and invite you to find and embody your own inner grounding. To take responsibility for yourself and your needs, to set healthy boundaries and to take good care of yourself.

We have a deep respect for the inner wisdom and beauty of every human being and value the pace and rhythm that is needed for each individual process.

We believe that the Work we do on an individual and/or group level has an impact on the collective level; together we make the World a more beautiful and loving place.

You are already whole, you just need to remember this and to dis-cover it again.